Zero the Hero

One day, when I was about to sleep, I suddenly remembered that I had not done my Math homework. With slow steps, I went down to Mom and told her that I had not completed my homework.

Mom gave me a dirty look and said, “Hayaa, you better finish it right now!”

I started doing the homework right away. Feeling sleepy, I yawned at least three times. After some time, I felt that the numbers were doing a break dance on my book.

I rubbed my eyes because I couldn’t believe my eyes and when I opened them again I wasn’t in my room anymore! I was in a colorful world full of numbers! All the numbers were having a party. They were dancing and having lots of fun. All of them except for zero. Poor Zero was in the corner crying. I went up to Zero and asked, “Zero, why are you crying?”

He stopped for a moment and started crying even more loudly. “Zero, please tell me,” I said.

“Please do not call me Zero,” he sobbed.

“But that’s your name, ” I said.

“Nobody likes me. I am fat, round and useless. Look at my neighbor, Number One. Everybody wants to be number one. He is so thin too,” said Zero and started crying again.

I explained to him, “Oh, Zero! You are not useless. When I get one mark in my tests I don’t like it. But when I get ten marks I jump in excitement. How do we get ten? When we write zero next to one. Keep adding to get bigger and better like 100, 1000, 10000. Zero, you are a hero!”

“Really?” asked Zero.

“Of course, you are!” I exclaimed.

Zero hugged me, squeezing me with his big round body, and joined the other dancing numbers.

All of a sudden, all the numbers looked at me in a strange way. “You are not a number,” shouted Number Five.

“What are you doing in Number World?” asked Number Eight.

They started chasing me. Someone hit me on my head from the back.

“HAYAA! WAKE UP AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK!” bellowed a voice. I opened my eyes and realized that it was Mom. Laughing at my crazy dream, I went back to completing my homework.






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