The Surprise

Far, far away, in a kingdom called Nordan, there lived a kind and sweet royal family. The family included a King, a Queen and a Princess. The King and the Queen loved the Princess a lot. They treated her like the fairy of their lives. The Queen gave all her crown jewels to the Princess. The King tutored her in Martial Arts because she wanted to be strong and powerful. They granted all her wishes.

One morning, the Princess woke up and ran to her parents’ room. She knocked on the door twice but no one opened the door for her. Feeling confused, she went back to her room.

After some time, she got ready and went down to the garden to play. She saw her Dad and jogged up to him.  But the King ignored her. He was looking at the fountain instead!

She shook her Dad and said, “Daddy!” but he turned around and walked away. She felt sad.

She found her mother in her bedroom putting on make-up in front of the mirror. She said to the Queen, “Hi Mom!” but she didn’t get any reply. The queen was acting as if the Princess did not exist. She continued putting on make-up.

With tears in her eyes, she walked to her room. On the way, even the maids, the chef, the butler and her waitresses ignored her completely.

She went to her bedroom and started crying. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. She looked out of the window and saw that there were fireworks in the sky with the words, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!”

That’s when she realized that it was her birthday.

She ran downstairs and found everyone in the garden holding party poppers. Her parents hugged her. A cake was spread out on the table waiting for her to cut. It was the longest cake she had ever seen. A huge present, the size of a cupboard stood waiting for her to open.

The day that started as the worst became the best day of her life!party


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