The Magic Words

The four magic words of English

Use them whenever you wish!

Use them when you are happy or sad

Use them when you have done something bad.

My favorite word is please

Oh! What a useful word it is!

I say it when I want something

“Could you please pass me that ring?”

You must say your thank you’s

It is a polite word to use.

When somebody helps out say ‘Thank You’

Also say it when they praise you.

We say sorry if we did something bad

Or hurt someone or made them sad.

Say, “Sorry, I broke your doll,”

Or “Sorry, I lost your ball.”

Excuse me is always used

When you want to be excused

If you need to borrow something

Say Excuse Me before asking.

Use these words everyday

When you work and when you play.

Use these words if you are smart

And let the magic into your hearts.





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