Sport’s Day

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share with you about the day I had been waiting for at school. The big day, our sport’s day!

I won two medals, a silver for 50 m relay race and a bronze for tug of war. I know what you are thinking now, what are these two games, right? Okay I will tell you. Tug of war is a sports event in which two teams pull one rope and the team that gets it to their side is the winner. Relay race is a team event with four people in one team and one of them runs with a baton and passes it on to the next team member. The team to reach the finishing point first is the winner.

There were more fun events like sack race, 100 m relay race, running race, relay race sprint and skipping race. I am in yellow team  and the other teams are red,blue and green. The team that won the first place was blue like last year. Yellow team came second and in the third place was green.

Such an amazing day it was!



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