Sara’s Secret

I am Sara. I have a big family. We all live together in a big villa. There are Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Brother, Baby Sister and me. It’s very big, isn’t it? We always have lots of fun.

But today I am very sad. Dad and Grandpa had an argument. It was about what to do today. Grandpa wanted to go out for a drive while Dad wished to stay at home because he was tired. They fought for a long time. Grandpa’s face turned red and his eyes bulged. I had never seen Grandpa like this.

They were so noisy that I got worried that the neighbors would hear. Baby Sister was crying because of all the noise. Brother, a naughty five year old, was busy tearing up newspapers and making the place dirty because nobody was watching him.  Mom and Grandma looked at each other helplessly. Finally Grandpa said to Grandma, “Pack your bags. We are leaving from here’’.

Oh no! I thought. I hoped Grandpa was joking. I said, “Grandpa please don’t go’’. Grandpa just hugged me and left the house with Grandma. They went to stay at Aunt’s house. I went to my room right at that moment and started crying. The whole night I didn’t sleep. I lay in my bed thinking about what can be done to bring my grandparents back home. Finally, a wonderful idea struck me. The next day, I took my tape recorder that Grandpa had gifted me for my last birthday and went to Dad.

Dad was looking at our family photo with a sad face. I understood that he was missing them too.

I said, “Dad, I have a project for homework. It is about good behavior. Can you read this for me please?”

“Yes! Of course,” he replied.

I showed him a piece of paper on which I had written:

I am sorry for my behavior. I should not have raised my voice at you because you are elder.

When Dad started reading the note, I quickly pressed the record button of my tape recorder. After that, I called my grandparents and said, “My parents and I are terribly sorry for what we did. Dad is missing you. We want you to come back. I will give the phone to Dad now.”

I played the tape recorder. My grandparents were so pleased that they came back home. Dad and Mom were so happy to see them too. Grandma said, “Son, it was good that you said sorry.” Dad was confused. He said, “I did not say sorry.”

They all looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say. I tried to keep a straight face but I couldn’t help myself. I let out a giggle and they all stared at me.

I said, “I only wanted Grandma and Grandpa back home. ” At first they just looked at me and I was scared if they would scold me for trying to fool them. Then they all broke down to


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