The Big Problem

Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a bear. His name was Teddy. He was extremely furry. He was brown in color and his eyes were blue. He lived all alone.

One day, Teddy’s old friend from another forest came to visit him. The friend was also a bear and his name was Furno. Furno was Teddy’s classmate till grade ten. They hugged each other tightly.

“It’s becoming so hot these days, right?” asked Teddy, as they sipped on hot honey tea and sandwiches.

“I know why that is,’’ said Furno.

“Why?” asked Teddy, fanning himself.

“It’s happening because of Global Warming. I heard two humans talking about it a few days ago.” replied Furno.

“What is Global Warming?”asked Teddy. He was curious to know.

“Global Warming is a big problem that the world is facing right now. Humans are cutting down trees. They are throwing plastics everywhere. It is releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. Even the cars they use are creating air pollution. With fewer trees in the forest, animals are dying too. This is disturbing the ecosystem. All this together is making the world very hot.”

Teddy listened to Furno’s information carefully.

Furno continued. “Because humans are so careless, there is a hole in the Earth’s protective ozone layer, which is growing bigger. Through the hole, some of the sun’s harmful UV rays are entering the Earth’s atmosphere adding to Global Warming.”

“Oh dear!” cried Teddy. “What can we do about this?”

He thought for a while. “We have to go talk to our king, the lion.”

Without wasting any time, they went to Lion King’s den. The royal den had a grand entrance with a red carpet in front of it. “Oh! Wow! What an entrance!” exclaimed Furno.

Furno explained everything about Global Warming to Lion King.

Lion King sat on his throne with his legs crossed. He rubbed his chin and listened carefully.

“I can scare the humans who come to cut the trees down,” he growled. “I will order my servants, the panthers and the cheetahs to do the same.”

“That’s a great idea, Lion King!” said Teddy happily. “I will tell my friends to help me collect all the plastic wastes that the humans have thrown all over and put them in the recycle bin.”

So the next time when the humans came to cut down trees Lion King scared them away. All the animals helped in cleaning up the forest. Some of them even went to talk to the humans about the bad effects of Global Warming.

The next time Furno came visiting, Teddy looked happier.

“Ah, it’s so cool,” Teddy said. “I think Global Warming is over.”

“You fool!” exclaimed Furno, laughing at him. “It will take many years for Global Warming to get over. If we all work hard for it, one day we can make our planet a cooler and safer place!”

Teddy laughed, while munching on his sandwiches.




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